With the Spices

She came with the spices

To thy tomb O Lord,

Knowing not that Thou

Above the earth had soared.

She came void of all hope;

She came expecting death;

Forgetting the Life-Giver

Who is the living breath.


In trials and tribulations,

Do we not do the same:

Looking at our errors,

Despairing in our blame?

How often do we wallow,

Abandoning all hope –

As though on our own –

With burden we could cope.


If Peter lost all hope when

Our Lord exposed his sin,

Luke would not record

The three thousand he would win.

If Paul considered nothing

But his murderous past,

Would his inspired letters

To this generation last?


Moses’ life was evil,

Every sin he did commit,

But from this desert bandit,

A shining lamp was lit.

If Mary, Egypt’s harlot,

Had not tried to win his grace,

Would she now be in heaven –

Would she have won the race?


Our Lord set an example,

Compelled, we do the same:

Fight, strive, persevere and

On us will be no blame.

If our loving Saviour

Had not endured all pain,

Would Redemption and Salvation

Ever be our gain?


I come now with hope

To Thy Tomb O Lord,

Knowing that in Truth,

Above the earth Thou soared,

I come now with joy,

I come expecting life;

Knowing that through Thee

I can endure all strife.

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