Why so sad?

+Christ is risen!


“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning…” (Ps. 30:5b)


In one week, a person goes through every emotion possible. On Palm Sunday, we had the joy and excitement of the King entering into Jerusalem, and of little children recognising Him. There was hope, also, for the Judeans, that this Messiah might be the answer to the Roman occupation – that maybe the Messiah would reestablish the physical governance of the Tribe of Judah once more. By Friday, He was murdered.

We observed that the apostles had fled and abandoned Him in His agony. We saw the Pharisees interrogate Him and have him killed. We saw the masses disown the same man for Whom they cried out, Blessed be He who comes in the Name of the Lord! We saw how everything went wrong…

…but then it was all resurrected, into goodness! We cried for a night, but suddenly, we were overcome with joy!

The Resurrection turned the world upside down. It took twelve ignorant men, and turned them into heroes.The Resurrection took a Pharisee (Nicodemus) and turned him into a Christian martyr. The Resurrection took the Roman empire and shook it so hard it had no idea what hit it.

The Resurrection is so very real. It could not have changed the world if it was not.

Imagine, in this modern world, if some dude from the 7-11, another guy from the hot dog stand, a couple of other 9-5 blokes and some dudes, none of them noted for any particular outstanding feature, just twelve of them, were to totally rock all of North America and Europe with just a “philosophy”. It’s impossible. To do that, they must have something real going for them, or why on earth would the masses be convinced?

Not just that, but why would the entire living world not only be convinced, but start living in a way, that plainly, would seem to suck?! Why would I want someone to tell me to be moral? If it’s socially acceptable for me to do whatever I want with no consequences, then why on earth would I subscribe to a religion that makes me stop, or makes me do something that my body does not prefer? Why would I give up freedom, to a religion that seems to bind me?!

These are questions to think about, because the reality of the Resurrection changed the world. I’m hoping to explore these concepts of freedom week by week, to understand what the Resurrection really did.

Think on it, why did the Resurrection change the world?

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