Thy Throne, O God.

+To the tune of, “Of all Nations”


They rejected Me,

I, the Beloved.

As a despised and dead man.


But Thy throne, O God,}

Abideth forever,  }                  (X 2)

Unto eternity.


With words softer than oil,

Approached the unjust man.

With a kiss, the traitor marked Thee,

To consummate the ancient plan.

Thine own familiar friend,

Forsook his chance to heal,

He who ate bread with thee,

Had lifted up his heel.


With cowardice and fright,

Thy beloved ones took flight,zz

They who were to Thee most dear,

Cared more for their own plight.

Thou searched with anguished heart,

For one to grieve with Thee,

But the True Shepherd was smitten,

And all Thy sheep did flee.


Without cause and moved by hatred,

Rose up great Levi’s tribe.

The priests that Thou anointed,

Laid hand on Thee through bribe.

The Kings of the earth stood up,

To fight against the Christ,

But the Lamb did keep His silence,

Salvation had been priced.


With a crown of thorns adorned,

And a reed within His hand,

He rode forth victoriously,

To meet the dogs’ (crowds?) demand,

I am ready for the scourges,

Before me is my pain,

One should die for the people,

To be the whole world’s gain.


With outstretched and wounded arms,

Thou embraced humanity –

Restoring the fallen image,

By the power of Thy Divinity.

For since by man came death,

By man also came life,

Unlike our Father Isaac,

Thou wast not spared the knife.


This is He Who offered Himself,

For the salvation of our race,

The great, holy High priest,

Himself on the altar did place

And Thou, by showing weakness,

Manifested the greatest might,

Thou didst bridge our way to the Father,

The Son clothed us with light.




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