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  1. It’s a new year. A lot of old baggage. Trying to start fresh. … In a church where erybody know me & my past. How do I keep hope, faith, perseverance, and love?

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      My brother,

      By putting your eyes on Christ, not on the Institution. By that, I don’t mean we don’t care about Church (as people), but that we never forget the goal. Christ was Incarnate and came to a world where His own Institution (the TEmple and Judaism) was failing. Priests were corrupt. People were abused. It was more about money than people. So much was wrong.

      Yet, two things:
      a) God still worked in and through it. Christ was part of the system. He didn’t stand apart from it. He preached in the temple, He sent people to the temple, and He worked with the actual Law (not the man-made ones).
      b) There were also still many good people in it. Not just laity, but priests and pharisees as well.

      So put your eyes on God, even if in a broken system, and remember that there are good people around you.

      When I visit Cali I’d love to see you again.

      pray for me.

  2. Hi AP,

    I don’t see that you’ve been updating the FIC podcasts with your most recent talks. That was the main source that I listened from. I was hoping that you could continue updating them! Thank you!

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