meditation: Have you found it?


Have you found that thing it is that you think will make you content? Have you reached the goal that you were aiming for? Were you happy when you got there? Is there that sense of joy and fulfillment in it? What do you need to do next? What do you need to do to feel totally fulfilled?

I just want to meditate with you today about the ‘stuff that drives us’. There seems to be new rules about success in the world. Way back in the day we had farmers, blacksmiths, postmen, and a few would head off to universities to become something extra. Those ‘special’ folk that went off, though, were admired, but at the end of the day, the farmer and his eggs and cheese were as important as the doc down the lane.

Today, you need to do post-secondary education. Then you need to a post-graduate degree if you want to be competitive. Sometimes you need to do multiple post-grad degrees. For what?

People are marrying late, and maturing even later. People have more choices to make but are far less decisive. There’s a pressure to make decisions? For what?

A love for autonomy without inhibition is the most important fad. Having someone tell you what to do isn’t fashionable, and yet people seem to acknowledge that the media is telling them exactly what to do, think, and feel. People rebel, people listen. Then what?

I could go on with these examples, but I will not.

The bigger question is: what’s the meaning of it all? What are you struggling for? Is there happiness in that? Why? Is the happiness there only because you wanted it? What happens if you suddenly want something else? What happens if your personality changes or a major life event happens that makes you rethink what you value?

A more important question: if everyone’s so happy with all this stuff, why are we handing out antidepressants like candy at pharmacies? I’m not belittling depression, I’m pointing out the superficiality of our fake-happy world with all the frills and arrangements, that end up at the doctors office because they are depressed, anxious or both.

I don’t like posts to end negative, but sometimes we have to confront ourselves with real challenges. Ask yourself, is there meaning to your life? Is there anything deep going on? Or do I ride from day to day focused on the tiny things that work toward some “other thing” that I haven’t reached but want to someday? Do I even know what happiness is? Am I at peace when I’m alone with myself and my own thoughts and without messaging or playing games on my phone?

Is Christ in the picture at all? Or is Christ the afterthought? Is your personal meaning found in things that are going to perish? If so, how meaningful is that, really? Is your stability in Christ, the solid Rock, or is it in your emotions, that change faster than the seasons? Is your joy in the ‘pearl of great price’, or is it in a vehicle that depreciates from the instant you’ve purchased it?

Where is “your treasure”? Is that the right place for your heart?

Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “meditation: Have you found it?”

  1. I agree with your post. Sometimes I feel like the hamster running on the wheel of life, never getting anywhere and never getting off. And for what? To keep up with the Jones’ ? To be “successful”? Because it is what they expect me to do? Who are they, anyway?

    I appreciate your reflective post. We shouldn’t just do to do or be to be. We were carefully designed by a Maker for more than the mundane and trivial, for more than social expectations of a perverse culture, and for more than our selfish lusts and desires.

    How do we draw motivation from the Right Source? How do you suggest we keep this in the front of our minds?

    I need your prayers.

  2. +
    This is a great question: “Who are they, anyway?” 😀 A lot of the time we forget that we are part of the “big they” – we are part of society. If we simply follow suit we are helping to normalise the very things we disagree with.

    Really love your meditations.

    Drawing motivation from the right sources…”All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient” – if I put this mantra in front of me, then it begs a question: expedient toward what? That latter question is one of identity – a return to the image and likeness of Christ, or a real appreciation of WHO I am as a Christian, not “WHAT do Christians do”. This sounds more philosophical than it actually is. If I really think about who I am supposed to be, then that question should come up so much that it requires me to constantly go back to “the Right Source”.

    was that vague? 🙂

    pray for me.

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