From the heart: what a strange thing is love

This one’s from the heart, after some days of both heartache and joy – tears and laughter. Those of you physically in my region may understand, to the rest, bear with the ramblings.

What a peculiar thing is love.

Love is like God. It is invisible and intangible. Your senses cannot physically perceive it, yet you are aware of its overpowering presence. You cannot put it on yourself and wear it, nor can you measure how much you gave of it to one, or how much you lacked of it with another. You cannot make a currency of it and you cannot explain or articulate it perfectly, in spite of the best of efforts to do so.

Love is as joyful as it is painful. Love can make a slave out of a king, and king out of a slave. Love will deflate and annihilate the will of the most obstinate of people, and yet it will give drive and purpose to the sluggard. Love opens the eyes of the blind, but blinds those with sight. Love can make a man dance on the clouds and fly, defying gravity. It can also be the weight on another’s shoulder, depriving him not of flight only, but of motion altogether.

Love brings life to the lifeless, but it can also slay valiant men. Woe to him upon whom falls love, but how great is that man who is built upon it! Love brings laughter and merriment to a soul, and the depths of tears to another – can anyone measure the worth of a tear? Can anyone understand how a droplet so small expresses so acutely great depths? They are love.

Indeed, what a paradox is love; what a mystery! What a marvel both of ecstasy and sobriety! People fall on their knees to love. Love makes people accept what they would not accept, and do what they would not do; but also reject what would otherwise be accepted, and refrain from things that freedom allows them to do.

Love is like God because God is love. You may not physically see Him right now, but you can see His effects. All these things we have said of love are true of God.

Love is the most transforming power because Love is Creation and its Creator.

Let us be transformed by Love – let us become the sign of Love’s reality, for by it all know what we are Love’s.

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