3. The people, the Desire and the gift.

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So, we return to our narrative, the King has made a place for his new creation: his people. Those whom he loved before they knew they existed. At the head of the People, the first, if you would, were Protos, and his lady, Zoe. The King brought all things into existence that these people would need. Yet, this was not what excited him. He was going to do something very special with this people. He was going to give them three gifts: his identity, immortality, and incorruption.

I know, at first, this might not seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal. Think of insects and think of yourself. Think of what makes you different as a human. You can think, speak, and rationalise. You can become emotional about something and deal with that. You can write a book or drive a car. You can design birdcages or you can build skyscrapers. You can do all of that. An ant, however, cannot.

So, imagine. Imagine if you could give the ant your own abilities. These do not belong to the ant by nature, but you are giving them to the ant as a gift. The ant takes on your personality and traits and can start processing and making its own decisions as well. It can create or magnify or do whatever it pleases. It is dubious that a person would not be astounded and astonished when witnessing such a thing.

That, though, is precisely what happened. This great King through his mysterious work, wrought out people. How? I have not the slightest. We have guesses, of course. Theories. Some facts point to different possibilities of how they were made, but, we really are not entirely and completely sure yet. Maybe one day we will be, but that question is not so important to us in the understanding of the relationship between the people and their King. 

By nature, these people whom he made, were not intelligent. They were not different from any of the other animals. Except for the gift that they received, they were simply another creature. Without this special gift, the People were merely animals like any other animals. They were instinctual, and without rationality. Without this gift, they were mere mortals. Without this gift, their lives would expire, and their bodies would disintegrate, and they would simply go into non-existence again.

The King did not want toys. He wanted something more. He wanted, very simply, what most parents want. He wanted to give of himself, to love, and to be loved in return. In short, he was looking for a relationship. Now, remember something mentioned earlier: he did not need to have this. No. He wanted to have this. This difference is very important and we will return to it.

 So, these irrational toys were going to be granted something that nobody had ever been granted before. The King, by his power and through his will, breathed something new into these people – his own person, his own being. He told them that they were to be exactly like him.  The people were being made Kings. The ants were becoming human. Of course, the ant is still an ant, and a person is still a person, but this gifting of traits makes the thing receiving the gift a different kind of thing. The difference is that the ant is not a human by nature, but it was receiving that title as a gift. The King, by grace, was elevating the people from what they were by nature, to what he is by nature. By nature, they were just creatures. Giving them his characteristics, however, made them unique even from the servants we mentioned before. These creatures became creative because the King was creative. They were compassionate because the King was the perfection of compassion. They had authority because the King is the authority. In other words, the King was the absolute of any trait, while the people had those traits relatively to him. That was the first design, that was Protos and Zoe as they were designed to be, that was the design of all the People.

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